McCormick’s Creek 2020

In the beginning of November, a brief but blistering Indian Summer hit and we were fortunate enough to be able to spend it at McCormick’s Creek State Park.    Our fist hike was to see the freshly restored fire tower which had been closed for renovation during our last visit.  We parked at the Canyon Inn and started at the end of Trail 4, making … Continue reading McCormick’s Creek 2020

France Park

Quarries have always fascinated me.   There’s something magnificent about a massive manmade hole in the ground, especially once it’s been reclaimed by nature. As a young child, my parents often took me camping at France Park and I quickly became enamored with its unusual beauty.  From the 1840 to 1943, the property had been mined for limestone, leaving behind three impressively large quarries and many … Continue reading France Park

Charlestown State Park 2018

On our way to Tennessee in October of 2018, we spent a night at Charlestown State Park in Charlestown, Indiana.  The park sits along the Ohio River on 5,100 acres and opened in 1996.  The campground opened in 1999 and was expanded in 2002. From 1940-1995, the land was part of the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant which consisted of three separate plants that manufactured smokeless … Continue reading Charlestown State Park 2018