Basic Camping Terms

This article contains affiliate links. Attractant: Anything that can attract wildlife is considered an attractant. Hunters use urine and other animal scents to attract prey. Food, perfumes, scented bath products, and waste can also attract wild animals. Backcountry:  Backcountry areas are primitive and undeveloped portions of parks and wilderness areas.  Backcountry areas are generally remote and difficult to access. Backcountry camping:  Camping in a backcountry … Continue reading Basic Camping Terms

Campground Kitchen Basics

This article contains affiliate links. Keep It Simple! Unless you’re cooking a feast or a holiday dinner or plan to do nothing but sit around your campsite all day and eat, keep it as simple as possible.  The purpose of your campground kitchen is to sustain and support your camping activities, NOT consume your time and energy. Apply this concept to your planning and packing.  … Continue reading Campground Kitchen Basics

My Top 10 Camping Apps

1. Google Maps Free Android, iOS, Windows Google Maps has always been my go to navigation app since it replaced the archaic art form of printing out directions from Map Quest.  Google Maps is always my guide even if it’s a frequented route to a favorite destination, as its fairly reliable for keeping up-to-date with traffic delays and road closures.  2. Reserve America Free Android … Continue reading My Top 10 Camping Apps

Car Camping 101: Camping Etiquette

By following these guidelines, we ensure that our experience does not impose upon others or the natural habitat in which we are not only guests of, but caretakers. Rule No. 1 Leave No Trace Leave No Trace Ethics is a simple concept.  Leave absolutely no trace of your visit. Leave your campsite exactly as you found it, only cleaner.  Your family is just one of … Continue reading Car Camping 101: Camping Etiquette

Car Camping 101: Basic Concepts

What is Car Camping? Car camping is the act of loading a tent and other various gear into your vehicle then driving to a campground with the intention of spending a night, weekend, or even a week or more at a campsite where you park your vehicle and have access to various amenities and activities.   Unlike wilderness and backpack camping, car camping gives you the … Continue reading Car Camping 101: Basic Concepts

Tent Basics

This article contains affiliate links. Choosing the right tent can seem like a daunting task.  Over think it and your find yourself faced with five million options, but if you pick up the first impulse purchase, you could find yourself stuck with something that doesn’t meet your needs.  Tents have provided shelter for the human race since 10,000 years BCE.  So, it should come as … Continue reading Tent Basics

Canine Camping 101: Should I Take My Dog Camping?

To witness our dogs enjoy the great outdoors enriches our own experience. Exactly when and how the domestication of dogs occurred is a question of much debate.  Sometime around 20,000 and 40,000 years ago, either man chose to domesticate the dog or the dog chose to domesticate man.  One thing we do know for is for certain, it happened during a period when humans were still … Continue reading Canine Camping 101: Should I Take My Dog Camping?

Easy Fall Menu Ideas

We’re planning a late October trip to McCormick’s Creek State Park.  This is Indiana’s oldest state park and only my second time visiting.  Since this is going to be a very late season trip, we’re only able to stay a few nights, and there’s a lot I want to see and do, I’m keeping the menu simple with some of hearty no-cook meals.  No-cook meals … Continue reading Easy Fall Menu Ideas

Shoulder Season Camping

Our camping season typically begins when most everyone else’s ends.  Mid to late fall is my favorite time to camp.  There are far less crowds, even on the weekends.  The foliage is aflame with bright scarlets and yellows and the crisp autumn air smells sweetly of dried grasses and late summer memories.  Less undergrowth and falling leaves reveal secret scenes not visible during the warmer … Continue reading Shoulder Season Camping

France Park

Quarries have always fascinated me.   There’s something magnificent about a massive manmade hole in the ground, especially once it’s been reclaimed by nature. As a young child, my parents often took me camping at France Park and I quickly became enamored with its unusual beauty.  From the 1840 to 1943, the property had been mined for limestone, leaving behind three impressively large quarries and many … Continue reading France Park