Car Camping 101: Camping Etiquette

By following these guidelines, we ensure that our experience does not impose upon others or the natural habitat in which we are not only guests of, but caretakers. Rule No. 1 Leave No Trace Leave No Trace Ethics is a simple concept.  Leave absolutely no trace of your visit. Leave your campsite exactly as you found it, only cleaner.  Your family is just one of … Continue reading Car Camping 101: Camping Etiquette

Car Camping 101: Basic Concepts

What is Car Camping? Car camping is the act of loading a tent and other various gear into your vehicle then driving to a campground with the intention of spending a night, weekend, or even a week or more at a campsite where you park your vehicle and have access to various amenities and activities.   Unlike wilderness and backpack camping, car camping gives you the … Continue reading Car Camping 101: Basic Concepts

The Ultimate Car Camping Checklist

This list is intended as a guideline. Use it to create your own list. Each item will not be needed by every person. This article contains affiliate links. Gear Tools: Pliers, screwdrivers, Scissors Extra tent stakes Rubber mallet Claw Hammer Duct Tape Camp Hatchet Bungee Straps Pliers Screwdriver Set Bicycle Pump Tarps/Groundcloth Camp Chairs Headlamp Firewood: including kindling and tinder (Tinder: The smallest element to … Continue reading The Ultimate Car Camping Checklist

Canine Camping Checklist

This article contains links to Affiliate Products. Please read the Affiliate Disclaimer. IDENTIFICATION  Temporary IDs can be purchased from pet stores, farm stores and online retailers.  Include your cell phone number, camp site number, and campground address.  You can also consider micro-chipping your pet if you haven’t already.  Make sure you have a current photo of your dog on your cell phone. Food and water … Continue reading Canine Camping Checklist

No-Cook Meal Ideas

No-Cook menu options can alleviate a lot of hassle.  Menus should always be built around your camping trip.  If you’re headed to a new destination with an itinerary filled with nonstop stuff, an easy simple menu can free up an enormous amount of time.    Or if you just simply hate cooking (and the cleanup) or lack the necessary equipment, no-cook menu items can minimize stress … Continue reading No-Cook Meal Ideas